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“Highland Ink” is proudly San Clemente's first tattoo studio. Owner Susie Floyd (originally from the Highlands of Scotland) specializes in the fine art of traditional & original tattoo designs. With an extensive artistic background teaching fine arts & working with some of the worlds elite tattoo artists in Asia, UK, Europe, Japan & now the USA. Highland Ink invites you to come & enjoy a Spa like atmosphere during your tattoo experience & afterwards, relax & savor a drink in the Moroccan lounge. 202-805-3365.

Susie recently traced back her family history and she was from the most powerful clan in Caithness. The Picts. The Picts ruled Scotland for more than a thousand years, little or nothing more was heard. They were in a modern phrase, gleichgeschaltet and so have gone down to history as the tattooed or 'painted' people. (The Latin meaning of their name)